Рэдкі Exotica (White Exotica) Дарджылінгу Белы чай (сумесь )


Урожай 2014 года
10gm / .35oz
25gm / 0.89oz
50gm / 1.76oz
100gm / 3.53oz
250gm / 8.82oz
1000gm / 35.27oz

An extraordinary White tea grown at high elevations at the foothills of the Himalayas in Darjeeling. One of the seasons earliest, each leaf is tenderly and selectively picked just before sunrise from young AV II clones and hand rolled by trained experts, undergoing very minimal processing. The tea has a mildly grassy flavour with rich muscatel notes. The beautifully crafted tea leaves make for a very light cup with a pale yellow liquor and leave a fresh lingering aftertaste - both hallmarks of pure white teas. An excellent signature blend of white tea by our expert master blenders.